Nara Native Zoysia


High Drought Tolerance

Less Mowing 

Low Maintenance 

Australia Born & Bred

High Salt Tolerance 

Introducing Nara™ Native Zoysia. This all-purpose lawn is well suited to most areas and with its drought tolerance and ability to handle wet and humid conditions, it’s a perfect lawn for the NT.

Nara is easy to maintain and needs less mowing than other varieties, just like Empire. It is tough and durable so works well in heavy footfall areas. The fine leaf texture makes it soft to touch and under foot and is great for family gardens, relaxation areas and feature lawns. 

It also has the best salt tolerance of the Zoysia’s, making it the perfect option for coastal regions as well.
Nara can handle around 40% shade and full sun. This Native lawn keeps its beautiful green colour all year round and blends into the surrounding areas.