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Greenlees Park Couch 

Greenlees Park Couch is a tried and true variety in the tropics. 

It is a beautiful dark, vibrant green colour and is highly recommended for use on any high traffic areas such as road verges, backyards, school grounds, golf fairways and sporting ovals.

Not only is it soft with a rich, dark green colour, it also has excellent full sun tolerance and is outstanding on extremely hard-wearing surfaces, and repairs easily. It is very fast growing which gives it a quick recovery from any damages sustained.  

Temporarily out of stock 

Kings Pride - " Soft Leaf Buffalo"

Temporarily out of stock 

Kings Pride is a soft leaf buffalo very similar to Sir Walter.

It loves the dry season but may require more maintenance in the wet season, depending on the heat and rain for that year.

Tropical Buffalo / couch mix - "Carpetgrass"

Tropical Buffalo is the only grass that can be shaved down after long intervals between mowing without scalping. It retains turf quality and remains competitive.  This lawn is the first lawn we recommend to anyone living in the tropics. We have found it to be the hardiest and easiest to look after in Darwin.


Known as Tropical Buffalo, Carpet Grass or Broadleaf, it is an economical, creeping, warm season grass. It will thrive in low fertility areas. It is highly suited to clay soils and grows well in up to 70% shade.

This lawn still requires at least 4 hours of FULL sun during the day.

*If your environment has a large amount of shade with very little sun, please consider options other than turf.*


Our Tropical Buffalo Couch Mix is a mixture of 50% buffalo and 50% couch varieties.

Why mix it with couch? This allows the rolls of turf to hold together for harvest, transport and laying.


Couch will NOT live in shaded areas! Please be aware of this, as the couch portion of this turf will die out rather quickly in a highly shaded area.


If this could be harvested as 100% buffalo we would do so.

Temporarily out of stock 

Zoysia Matrella - "Shadetuff"

Temporarily out of stock 

Shadetuff is an excellent shade grass with good salt tolerance

This lawn still requires at least 4 hours of FULL sun during the day.

*If your environment has a large amount of shade with very little sun, please consider options other than turf.*


It has a very fine leaf, is extremely soft and “cushiony”, with a dense dark green colour. These features make it a very popular feature lawn.


Although this lawn is very slow growing, it is extremely dense and we recommend mowing weekly for ease of maintenance.  We recommend this turf for a beautiful feature lawn.


Must use a slow release fertiliser or it will develop thatching. Only fertilise once a year.

Zoysia Japonica - "Empire"

EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA (Zoysia Japonica) is a versatile, adaptable lawn, well suited to Australian conditions. EMPIRE has performed well in both sandy and clay soil types, with aggressive growth from its runners and rhizomes. It can be mown with a standard rotary mower due to its ideal leaf width and open growth habit.

This hard wearing, versatile turf grass thrives in all climatic regions of Australia, from Darwin to Tasmania and from Sydney to Perth.

Tough, easy to look after, looks great and is soft to touch. EMPIRE Turf is ideal for Home Lawn, Roadsides, Amenity areas, Sports and more. 

EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA is the only grass in Australia that is hard wearing, yet low maintenance. Its deep root and rhizome system gives it unmatched toughness.

Temporarily out of stock 

Paddy Turf - ET19

Temporarily out of stock 

Paddy Turf is a new range that we’ve brought onto the farm at Turf NT.

It’s a great new variety that has a shade tolerance similar to our Carpetgrass ‘Tropical Buffalo X Couch Mix’ requiring a minimum of 4 hours direct sunlight a day.

This fine leaf, dark green variety of turf is easy-going; perfect for family occasions, backyards, feature lawns, as well as nature strips, parks and amenity areas.

Paddy Turf being a low maintenance turf requires fewer mowing sessions; still requiring a minimum of three mows a month. Paddy Turf doesn’t scalp when mown short (No brown patches).

We recommend a regular maintenance routine for all turf, but Paddy's grass requires less maintenance than other turf varieties.  It is a very hardy lawn.

A slow-release fertiliser is always recommended for this variety.

Paddy Turf has been tried and tested for years by Paddy from Future Lawns.