Turf laying.JPG


Turf MUST be laid immediately (especially in our hot climate).

It is a plant that has just had its roots cut, they are now exposed to heat.

The roots will die if not laid straight away.

Organise delivery of your turf around the time you will be laying it.

Start laying the turf away from your stack, this will help avoid you from walking on the newly laid lawn all the time.

When you begin to lay turf try to start along a straight driveway or path.  Put a line of turf all the way around the edge of the area and then fill the middle in.

Start rolling your lawn, push edges together and stagger pieces in a brickwork pattern.

Lightly water the soil so that your new turf is not laid directly onto a hot dry soil surface. Doing so could dramatically set back its establishment and inhibit the development of the new roots into the underlay soil.  Ensure it is not so damp as to leave craters when you walk on it. This would cause your lawn to become wavy.

Lay a section of turf and slightly water and repeat this until all turf is laid.

Immediately after laying ensure you soak your lawn thoroughly.


  • NEVER wet turf while still rolled - This will cook it

  • Do not stretch or pull the turf.

  • Avoid gaps as this will cause weeds to grow through.

  • Do not overlap turf as this roots will dry out and exposed turf will die.

  • If you are working on a sloped area you can peg grass down to prevent any movement.

  • If you are unable to finish the job you must keep your turf cool, try to keep it in a shady spot.

  • Do not cover turf with plastic as this will make it sweat. You can lay a board or similar across top to stop sun, but leave sides open to breathe.