Pest Prevention

Here in the Northern Territory Army Worm is a common problem.
More common in the wet season as they love the warmer climate.

  • Army worms are attracted from miles away to fresh lawn and fresh lawn shoots, either recently acquired or recently fertilised. (Just like throwing a fresh bale of hay in a drought ridden paddock)

  • The moths are widespread in suburban areas as they are attracted to lights.

  • Watch out for damaged / brown patches in your lawn

  • Use one of the following preventatives: 'Richgro Ant Killa' or ‘Richgro Lawn Beetle And Grub Killa’

  • When ready to fertilise use ‘Scotts Lawn Builder + Grub and Insect Control’ (Fertliser + grub control is NOT for Zoysia Matrella)

  • *Bifenthrin is the ingredient to deter pests

*Please Note:  While on the farm all turf is regularly treated for grub prevention.

Army Worm.jpg