Carpetgrass - Tropical Buffalo / Couch mix

Tropical Buffalo is the only grass that can be shaved down after long intervals between mowing without scalping. It retains turf quality and remains competitive.  This lawn is the first lawn we recommend to anyone living in the tropics. We have found it to be the hardiest and easiest to look after in Darwin.

Known as Tropical Buffalo, Carpet Grass or Broadleaf, it is an economical, creeping, warm season grass. It will thrive in low fertility areas. It is highly suited to clay soils and grows well in up to 70% shade.

This lawn still requires at least 4 hours of FULL sun during the day.

*If your environment has a large amount of shade with very little sun, please consider options other than turf.*

Our Tropical Buffalo Couch Mix is a mixture of 50% buffalo and 50% couch varieties.

Why mix it with couch? This allows the rolls of turf to hold together for harvest, transport and laying.


Couch will NOT live in shaded areas! Please be aware of this, as the couch portion of this turf will die out rather quickly in a highly shaded area.

If this could be harvested as 100% buffalo we would do so.


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